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Downingtown, PA March 4th, 2005 Fundamental Objects, Inc. (FO), maker of handheld foAudits, announces foAudits 2.3 and related services.

foAudits ( provides a framework to handle energy audits, inspections and surveys for the Palm OS, Pocket PC and various phones.

The foAudits toolset includes a completely online option, including data storage, entry of audit information and audit maintenance. FO also provides start-to-finish hosting and setup services for their clients' audits.

New foAudits v 2.3 features include:
  • Enhanced security.
  • Enhanced compression routines (for transmitting data).
  • Increased Pocket PC performance.
  • Additional field types supported:
    • pop-up tooltip-like help.
    • linked lists.
    • very large lists.
    • enhanced customer signatures.

foAudits forms can be accessed via:
  • internet browser,
    • Internet Explorer, versions 4 and 6.
    • Netscape, versions 4, 6 and 7.
    • FireFox version 1.0.
  • with Palm OS PDAs using a wireless or hotsync (connected) interface,
  • from Pocket PC PDAs with a wireless or activesync (connected) interface,
  • and from Tablet PCs, with a wireless interface.

foAudits is licensed on a per-user basis, with prices starting at $60 USD per user. Audit creation and setup is priced based on the complexity of the audit.

Fundamental Objects provides custom and packaged energy software solutions on the Palm OS, Pocket PC and various internet platforms, using the popular database engines, such as Access, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase and SQL Server.

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