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foInventory is an application that allows you to track inventory, either through an Access Database (which is supplied) or via the associated handheld (Palm OS or Pocket PC 2002+) scanning application.  



The Palm application supports ISBN and 3-by-9 Barcodes. You can add to, or remove from inventory, and can set the date to past dates for backloading of older information.

The Access database provides full entry of descriptive text for each inventory item and supports collections of items as well -- allowing you to scan in a whole collection with one pass of the scanner.

The application comes with online Help on usage; and pop-up Reporting, so that you can see the current inventory status at any point in time. You can also store bnd use information on Suppliers, Locations, Authors and Publishers, all within the Access application.
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Main Screen

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Item Descriptions

System Requirements
A recent mobile OS,
Microsoft Access 97+
Microsoft Windows 2003+ server or XP SP2

$2,000 USD

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