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While the front end data entry software is the focus of most web development, the portion that becomes the most important aspect to companies in the end is Reporting. foReports is an online adhoc report writer, which was created to address the needs of companies that are often forced to spend too much -- just to create the reports that they need to view their own data.

It can be difficult to create specifications for customized reports and it can be costly to have the actual work done ($1,000-$7,000k per report is not uncommon).

Companies are often forced into a situation where they have to return to (internal or external) development teams to do more reports -- when they would be just as happy to do the work themselves, if they could. This is even true in large companies, with full IT teams -- because these IT teams can be either slow to act -- or not decentralized enough to react to actual client needs.

foReports allows companies to access their own data, without requiring additional programming in order to do so.


While there are other internet report writers available, foReports is unique based on it's flexibility, ease of use, and availability of source code.

foReports works similar to Microsoft Access' Query Designer. But it sits on the web and works against a customer's Access or SQL Server database directly.

Click here for a simple example:

This tool can be integrated within a customers' application or used as a standalone tool on the web. It can also be used on a local, internal intranet site.

foReports - Views and Tables

Major Features
  • foReports can be added into existing intra/internet applications.
  • foReports is accessible from any internet connection.
  • foReports Automatically picks up your tables and queries, no coding is required.
  • Security is provided at the View level -- supporting your own database security model.
  • online Drag and drop of fields is used to create the queries.
  • Users can play with the data, before creating the actual report.
  • Users can create and save their own individual reports.
  • Sorting and Grouping is supported.
  • Adding criteria to the data is supported. (eg. Where State="PA")
  • A foReports version that can generate PDA-ready web pages is available.
  • foReports saves even adhoc-report-writing saving clients, from the cost of putting tools such as Microsoft Access on every desktop.

foReports - Selection Criteria

foReports Requirements:
  • Windows NT/2000 Server
  • Internet Information Server 4.0+
  • FO also provides web site and database hosting, and can run foReports for your company remotely.

  • 4,000k if hosted by FO (and pointing at your Database).
  • A single server licensing, source code version is also available.
  • NOTE: We also have a Javabeans version of foReports under development. The price for the Java version will be 9,000 per server.

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Last updated: April 27, 2012
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