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Fundamental Objects Software Consulting

We have developed large and small custom applications for utilities, energy companies, financial institutions, telecommunications firms, training firms, manufacturing and brokerage houses. We are experienced with web, database and handheld technologies.

Our experience lies in the following application areas:

  • Client/Server applications

  • Web (MS AJAX, .NET, HTML/HTML5, CSS/JS, Python 3, XML, CGI, ASP, IIS, VB/Javascript, Actionscript AS3)

  • Database (PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQLite 3+, Access, MySQL, MariaDB)

  • and handheld (android, iOS, Linux mobile) development.

We write for the following industry magazines:

Using our foPM methodology and related tools allows us to very rapidly (and accurately) create applications that will work for you. We will ask you for a high degree of client involvement in our projects, since we have found that to be an overall key to the success of a project.

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