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Energy Articles
Home Energy magazine article: New Audit hardware and software add-ons
Energy User News article: Energy Software on the WEB
Energy and Power Management article: Finding Energy Information
Energy User News article: Audits
Energy User News article: Wireless Buildings
Home Energy magazine article: Handheld Audits
Home Energy magazine article: ecasys
Ask Your Energy Software Questions

Online Internet articles
ABCpdf To the Rescue!
Earthtoys: Choosing PDA audit hardware's Sending emails from an ASP page.
Mobile Coders' 10 User Interface Commandments
What Hardware should I use for Auditing? Automated Buildings   (mirror)
PalmTipsheet's  What the Heck is VFS?
FO Handheld Newsletters  

Pocket PC mag, Thaddeus Publishing
Pocket PC, 10 User Interface Commandments

Visual Basic Developer, Pinnacle Publishing
Changing your colors
ASP Tabs without controls
A Christmas Story, silly errors
Working with Rich Text
Boxes, Boxes, everywhere
Last Day of the Month
A Reuseable Error Object

Windows NT Administrator Report, TechRepublic
Designing Web Applications with IIS, ASP, and In-Process Objects
Database Management through Stored Procedures
Using ASP and ADO to Add Custom Query Components to Your Web Apps
Running CGI programs on IIS 4.0
Recovering Disk Space from a Windows System

Visual Basic Programmer's Journal, Fawcette Publishing
Using VBA, Expand User's Web Options (vol 7, no. 9) (PDF 230k)
Taking Notes on VB (vol. 7, no. 11) (PDF 246k)

Get the Adobe Reader

Inside Visual Basic, The COBB Group
Smart Apps Series

  Part 1 - Messages.

  Part 2 - Passing Data through Messages.

  Part 3 - color and Properties.
Saving Your State
Is it DIR?

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